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Search Engine Marketing

SEO Freelancer NZ

There are many forms of SEO Techniques to achieve a good result.    For example starting off writing quality content is often something missed by alot of people and companies in general.  What I mean by that is writing unique content which google picks up as your own, not copied off someone else’s website.  We can help you with all aspects of Search Engine Marketing.

Tools of the trade

If you are wanting to know about Search Engine Marketing then you have come to the right place. Things to think about are ways to get your website in a prominent position on page 1 of search engines, so that potential customers can find you when they perform searches online.  For example if you are a mechanic and wanting to get your website where people in say for example Auckland are searching for mechanics, then that’s when we come in.  We focus on things such as rating websites, social media, instagram, on page and off page Search Engine Optimisation and so on.

Social Media Analysis

Social media will always play a vital role in having your website in a good ranking on google and other search engines.  Why?  Because it’s of the view that when people place feedback, talk about your business positively on social media or rave about your business on the likes of Facebook or other social media platforms, then it’s quality content, positive reviews and information relative to the person searching. 

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For all your search engine marketing requirements you can count on us to get it right and to assist you in getting your website in a prominent position of all search engines.  We use quality reporting tools so that you can see at a glance how your website is performing up against your competition.


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